Full Wave Sonic (FWS)

Fiche FWS_2013 FOLDER

The full wave form sonic tool has been specifically designed for the water, mining and geotechnical industries. Its specification makes it ideal for cement bond logs (CBL), for the measurement  of permeability index and as a specialist tool to carry out deep  fracture identification. During logging, a series of high frequency sonic impulses are emitted by the tool. Following their passage through the borehole fluid and formations, these impulses are detected by receivers at various distances from the transmitter. At each receiver, the arriving waveform is digitally sampled according to a set of predefined tool configuration parameters (sample rate, sampling period, gain). The digitized waveforms are subsequently transmitted to the surface acquisition and recording system. Sonic logs are widely used to provide formation porosity/permeability and mechanical properties. Under suitable conditions S-wave and Stoneleys wave arrivals can be detected. The tool must only be operated in fluid-filled hole and does no necessary need to be centralized.